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​Evasion Disk Features

Dodgebee _ 比賽 _ 課程 _ 教練
1. 一流的團隊合作運動,對應人數多及彈性。
2. 無需肢體碰撞,
3. 躲避盤是以安全軟飛盤進行閃避球的玩法。
​4. 躲避盤以尼龍及泡棉製作,
​5. 入門學習之技術門檻相對較低,

Emerging movement. Avoidance disk

4 major benefits

Safe and easy to play

Less space restrictions

Suitable for mixed men and women

Tight rhythm

  • The evasion pan is made of nylon and foam. The soft texture makes the contestants not afraid of injury

  • Participants only need to learn the skills of throwing and receiving, as well as simple and easy-to-understand competition rules to participate in the competition. For emerging sports, it is very easy to learn.

  • ​Sports is suitable for young people and other people to experience, and it is also suitable for school courses or training

  • There are few restrictions on the venue for the dodge, and generally only the specifications of the volleyball court are required. Or you can draw a rectangular space indoors and outdoors

  • Facilitate the establishment of courses and workshops in schools and communities to promote this emerging sport and allow more

  • There is no need to compete for the Frisbee during the game, and there is little physical contact and collision, so it is suitable for mixed men and women to play

  • There will be no conflict or competition between the two teams, so the physical gap between the participants will not have a big impact on the game. Suitable for mixed open competitions for middle school students and elementary school students.

  • The game time is 7 minutes in total, divided into two rounds, each round is 3 minutes and 30 seconds

  • The time is short and the rhythm is tight, very exciting. Suitable for young people to participate.

  • It is suitable for schools and institutions to arrange the time of avoidance courses and workshops more flexibly.

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