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Promotional video of well-known sports hosting:

The Hong Kong Evasion Association is fortunate to have invited the famous sports host , Mr. Keyman Ma, to introduce the Evasion Movement. Mr. Ma Qiren has served as a host and narrator for cable TV, TVB, VIUTV and other sports, and is a well-known person in the sports world.

Fitz media report (2018-10-13):

In 2018, the Association held the first Hong Kong-Taiwan Dodge Tray Invitational Tournament at Tseung Kwan O Methodist Primary School, Hang Hau . It was fortunate to invite the Yutian Primary School team in Pingtung County, Taiwan to compete with 7 other teams in Hong Kong. This is the first time that a Taiwan elementary school team has visited Hong Kong to participate in a dodge game. The game was fierce that day, and the teams were very active. In the end, the Yutian Elementary School team of Pingtung County, Taiwan won by three points and became the champion, while the second and third place were won by the Tseung Kwan O Methodist Alumni Team and the Elementary School Team respectively.

This association is honored to host the Hong Kong-Taiwan Exchange Competition. Through different competitions and workshops, the new sport of evasion is promoted, so that young people can have a safe and exciting entertainment.

​ We are very pleased that the dodging board is becoming more and more popular among young people, and it is becoming more and more popular in primary and secondary schools. The association will continue to promote new sports in different regions of Hong Kong, hoping that more and different people can know and experience the dodging game.

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