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competition rules


簡易規則場地:  9X18米 (排球場)

人數: 10 VS 10 (可因應需要作加減)

器材: 躲避盤一隻

(Download the simple rules of evasion disk)

Simple rules venue: 9X18 meters (volleyball court)
Number of people: 10 VS 10 (can be added or subtracted as needed)
Equipment: One dodge plate


  1. Divide into two teams to fight, prepare and arrange for at least one player to go to the outfield in advance of your own infield. (Pictured above)

  2. The purpose is to hit the opponent's infield player with a dodge set, and at the end of the time, the number of infield players from both sides will be scored, and the higher one wins.

  3. Infield players who are hit and unable to continue must go to their own outfield to continue the game.

  4. Outfield players can freely pass and attack, and once they are attacking the opponent's infield player, they can get the right to return to their own infield.

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