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Rules for dodge referees

i. Know and thoroughly understand the rules of avoidance.
ii. Never ask coaches and other people or be influenced by their remarks.
iii. Listen to the opinions of law enforcement officers, for example: agree with the judgment of the line trial, and establish a good working relationship with them.
iv. The referees should keep a proper distance from the players to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.
v. Referees must declare if they have any relationship with the participating team (in private or official business).
vi. The referee cannot be a player or coach of the participating team at the same time.
vii. The referees must make the judgment that the scales must be uniform and the sport can be conducted fairly.
viii. It is necessary to maintain a noble character. If you need to speak, you need to be rigorous and not arrogant.
ix. No late or unexcused absence.
x. If there is a warning in the game, please report to the chief referee.

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