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躲避盤聯會 里程碑

Origin and history

Emerging Movement·Dodge Disk

Know more!

1946: The U.S. invented the Frisbee

1970: The sport of Frisbee became popular in Europe and America

1995: Japan Hero Disc will dodge the American floppy disk with the dodge ball game, and invent the new sport of dodge disk, which has been widely accepted by Japanese elementary schools.

2000: The dodge disc is officially called Dodgebee, which consists of the dodgeball Dodgeball and Frisbee.

2005: Mr. Chen Guanhong, CEO of Taiwan Frisbee Golf League, introduced the dodge disc from Japan

2008: The Republic of China Frisbee Association held the first National Dodge Game

2016: The chairman of the Hong Kong Evasion Association, Mr. Huang Qiunan, called on and initiated the promotion of evasion games and competitions in the academic world, and trained professional coaches, successfully contacting more than 200 primary and secondary schools.

Nowadays: The club has organized many different evasion activities, including regional exchange competitions, carnival booths, primary and secondary school competitions, teamwork training courses and workshops, etc.

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